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Original A5 painting of the word Healing arching in a banner over an illustrated water scene with a little boat sailing into the golden horizon. Styled on a wooden background with watercolour palette and gold ink pot
Stylised mockup of Healing drawing in a brown wooden frame on a minimalist white table.
Close up detail of letters and watercolour illustration of seascape with little boat silhouette under the banner of the letters
Angled photo of cropped Healing drawing on a wooden background
Close up detail of final N & G in the "healing" illustration.
Cropped in detail of central letters in "healing" featuring ligatures between E, A and N.

ORIGINAL ART: Healing - Word of the year series A5 mixed media piece

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But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. (Malachi 4:2)

I’m doing a series of drawings to kick start the year, and this one was requested by one of my subscribers as her word of the year.

I’m drawing live every week day from 11/Jan to 12/Feb. Each of these originals is for sale! Usually A5 originals are $120 AUD, but during this challenge, I’m offering them for only $60 each.

This artwork is reserved for Sarah. You can see the process of making it here. Email me at to order your own custom artwork.