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Styled photo of illustrated mixed media drawing depicting a cross-section of an underwater scene with a chest of treasure, fish and seaweed underwater and birds and a tree above water
Close up of illustration showing an octopus, a treasure chest, the word Hope in a banner, and the hand of the artist holding a paintbrush
Close up of drawing depicting birds flying over a body of water which curves up into a wave. The surface of the water is coloured by the golden light of the sun
Closeup of watercolour and ink illustration depicting the surface of water with two birds flying towards the viewer out of the sunset
A styled flatlay shot of two illustrations on a table - one is captioned "Believe" and shows a woman cliff jumping. The other is captioned "Hope" and shows a cross section of an underwater scene with a wave.

ORIGINAL ART: Hope - Word of the year series A5 mixed media piece

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What hopes have you buried? What treasure lies waiting beneath the surface, waiting to be rediscovered? Maybe it's time to take a deep breath and dive deeper...

I’m doing a series of drawings to kick start the year, and this one was requested by one of my subscribers as her word of the year.

I’m drawing live every week day from 11/Jan to 12/Feb. Each of these originals is for sale! Usually A5 originals are $120 AUD, but during this period, I’m offering them for only $60 each.

This artwork is reserved for Dawn. Email me at to order your own custom artwork.