Are you a cute cat? | Prophetic Art Project

a hand holds a small card with a picture of a one eyed cat sitting in the loaf position

My housemates love cats.

To the point where, I started to worry a little that I'd accidentally joined a cat cult (every conversation was punctuated by pauses to coo at his cuteness, the group chat had requests of "pleeeeease can we get another kitten??" and even walks round the neighbourhood stopped to pat the cats in our path…)

So when I felt God nudge me to draw something encouraging to share this week, this image came to mind:

Link, our not-so-little-anymore inside cat - housebound because he has one eye, and is, as my housemate says, effectively disabled. (He does have a tendency to run into things, poor darling). That doesn’t stop her from telling him he’s “such a cute cat!!!” ten times a day, and even letting him bite her (and even draw blood 🥴). All for love.

If you’re feeling unworthy today, think about this: God loves you way more than that. He sees you with your quirks and limitations and failures, and he’s not put off by them. He delights over you, extravagantly. And unlike cats, who don’t really change and grow, you’re not stuck where you are. If you love Jesus, he’s given you his Holy Spirit, who is more than able to help you in your weakness. Who is willing and excited to work in you to grow you into the person he always meant for you to be.

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