I make art to remind you God is good and you are loved

Photo of a smiling Emma wearing a green cardigan holding a pen ready to draw
Hello! My name is Emma. I am an artist, but I didn't always believe that. 
When I was 5 years old, I decided that I couldn’t draw. I came to this conclusion by comparing my skills with the work of the 10-year-olds next door (my childhood heros). Perfectionism starts early, I guess!
I found another creative outlet when I learned how to write. I would spend hours “drawing alphabets” and later was given a calligraphy set. I was hooked! It helped that no other kids I knew were doing calligraphy, so there was no risk of being shamed by comparison.
If you tell yourself something often enough, it gets a hold on you. (Even if it's ridiculous). I spent years telling myself I couldn’t do things and was secretly convinced that I was a failure at life. This despite being generally good at school, having a family who loves me to bits, and a really good life overall.
I kept writing/drawing/lettering because I loved it. Negative words are strong, but the truth wrestles them down given half a chance. Eventually I started to believe what God has been telling me all along—that I am loved, I am brave, I can do this, and I will never be alone.
Someone can be practically shouting at you but you just can’t hear what they are saying, until you clean the gunk out of your ears. Lettering is one of the ways I do that.
If you feel in need of some truth-filled ear cleaning yourself, I share occasional thoughts and new artwork once a month (sometimes more). You can enter your details in the form below to get it delivered right to your inbox. I'm honoured to have you join my journey.