Identity In Christ Free Printable Page

Are you as free as you could be?

Meditating on the Bible can change your life dramatically - I created a printable list of verses that you can download for FREE to help you.

Are you struggling with identity issues?

The word of God is much more than a ‘mantra,’ and yet it’s a powerful thing to remind yourself daily of the truth of who you are in Christ. I compiled this list of Bible Affirmations of our Identity in Christ to help you.

Don’t live life afraid and wondering if you’re good enough. Ground yourself in the truth of who God says you are so you can ditch fear and live. And so you can be a blessing to others - we’re not here on earth just for ourselves!

You can download the printable list of affirmations for free right here. Enter your email to receive the printable file!

"Framed it in gold frame and it's in my parents bathroom! My mom loves it..."

- Teresa McGregor

My story

When I read my journal from a few years ago, I see a girl wrestling with deep fears and insecurities (I want to go back and give her a hug!)

So much has changed since then, and it all started with proclaiming the truth of Scripture over myself. At first I would choke through the litany, in tears. But then, slowly, I started to believe it. And that's when everything changed for me.

I want you to experience that kind of breakthrough too! Enter your email below to get the printable list of verses & start changing your life.

I created one artwork for each of the verses

As part of my own meditation on these Scriptures, I spent one month creating one artwork for each of the 30 verses on this list. You can get the free list of verses in a pretty poster, or you can also just buy the pack. Because of the way things are in the world right now, I made them into a printable version that you can download and print right at home!

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"I love your work. I have my ‘treasure’ cards in my kitchen. I see them every day, sometimes changing them around, and other times just dwelling on the same treasure promise every day for a week!"

- Lisa Towns

On a budget right now?

You can get the free printable of the verses just by signing up below. The truth of Scripture will work for you (no matter the format!)
Start to live from a place of freedom now!