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Joy Journal - Guided journal featuring Melissa Bos

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In hard times, it’s important to stop and take a minute to refocus your perspective and remember how to find joy. Whether you’re quarantined because of Covid19, or struggling with anxiety from the general state of the world, this guided journal is designed to take you on a journey to rediscover the source of JOY - and be able to release it to those around you.

With 5 sections featuring original artwork by Melissa Bos (@letteringunderhiswings) and guided questions and reflections by Emma Davis (@bibleaffirmationsart), this journal is packed full of goodness to help you lean into JOY in this season!


  • 24-page printable booklet for both A4 and letter size for North America. Your download will include options for either page by page formatting or spread formatting for your convenience.

  • Printable & digital (editable) version - So you can still use it on tablet or computer if you don’t have a printer!

  • Launch week BONUS (ends Saturday, 22nd August): 5 colouring pages based on Melissa’s beautiful artwork (Valued at $20AUD).

Digital product available for immediate download
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