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Joy - Limited edition 5x7 inch giclee print

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"When things are tough I often think about 'the joy of the Lord is my strength', and if my focus is not completely where it should be, on the Lord, it helps me to get it back there. I also remember that joy is not the same as happy. Remembering who we are in Christ and what he's done for us and all the promises of God, keeps us in JOY even when circumstances aren't happy."

Thank you to the lady who chose these words and shared her reasons with us! 
A powerful invitation behind this artwork. Originally drawn for a specific person as part of the "Word of the Year" series, now it's available as a 5x7 inch limited edition print.

The Details:
• 5x7 inches printed in archival quality on cotton rag paper
• Limited edition - I'm only printing 10 of these, ever, so don't miss out!
• Perfect for an encouragement gift for a friend or for yourself.
 Special launch price of $25AUD lasts until Thursday, 25 March 2021, 11:59AEDT

• This print will be sent out after the pre-order period ends

Who do you know who needs a reminder to rejoice in the Lord, despite their current circumstances?