Artwork to remind you God is good & you are loved

WORTHY - Limited edition 5x7 inch giclee print

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A Story of Healing
"The releasing, and healing from depression is a miracle of mercy. He has conquered a disease that often can lead to death. 
He is leading me to know His grace and His mercy. He is worthy, and because I am His child, so am I."

A powerful story of emotional healing behind this artwork! Originally drawn for a specific person as part of the "Word of the Year" series, now it's available as a 5x7 inch limited edition print.

The Details:
• 5x7 inches printed in archival quality on cotton rag paper
• Hand-painted gold elements applied to the print - each one is unique.
• Limited edition - I'm only printing 10 of these, ever, so don't miss out!
• Perfect for an encouragement gift for a friend or for yourself.

• This print will be sent out after the pre-order period ends

Who do you know who needs a reminder that they are totally loved and accepted, just because they are a child of God?